Hourly Instruction Rates:

Instructor (CFI-G):              $65

SGS 2-33                              $60

Examiner/Checkride:         $450



Santa Barbara Soaring will help you earn your glider Private, Commercial or Flight Instructor ratings.  Our chief pilot/flight instructor/examiner, Dan Gudgel has more than 25 years of creating new glider pilots.  Our CFI-G's are outstanding teachers --  Cindy Brickner holds National soaring records, raced and publishes safety articles and veteran Scott Naumann are ready to launch your adventure.

When your instructor has determined that you are ready, usually after ten or twelve flight hours, they will get out of the glider and send you up on your first solo flight. The experience will be one you will never forget. After your first solo, you will continue to build flight time, getting familiar with the gliding capabilities and perfecting landings. When you have logged at least two hours of solo flight time and ten landings, and passed a computer knowledge test, you will be eligible to take your FAA flight test and will receive a Private Pilot Certificate.

Now that you have earned your pilot certificate, you may begin taking up friends and family for glider rides, sharing with them the thrill you still feel on every flight. Your flying skills will continue to develop as your work the rising currents of air, called lift, striving to expand your horizons by flying higher, farther, faster, or staying up longer, than you have ever done before. 

Book your instruction with Cindy Brickner by going directly to her calendar and contacting her below: 

Cindy Brickner


(760) 373-1019

Santa Barbara Soaring's two primary trainers are the Schweizer 2-33, an icon for glider instruction for decades.  It's useful load, low speed, tight turning radius and durability make it an excellent trainer.

For the best part of the following 20 years, 2-33's were mainstays in U.S. glider pilot training. It has an all-metal wing structure and steel tube fuselage with moving tail surfaces covered in Ceconite fabric. The spoilers are aerodynamically balanced.